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Welcome to our little corner of Sheffield, the LoveSheffield blog. This blog was set up by a local residents as a project to see how much interest there would be in a blog about life in Sheffield.

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  1. May 30, 2012 2:58 pm

    Hi Rosie, Aurore and Komal, Delighted to see a blog on here called ‘Love Sheffield’. I’m a newcomer to the city – came up for love – so don’t have a history of experience here but in fact the opposite i.e. you see everything with new eyes and more open because it’s all a new adventure. I wanted to know if you’d be happy to post something on here about an exciting project in the making on the Sheffield canal – The Port of Sheffield – which is seeking people’s input about their potential engagement with it. We’re interested to hear from creatives, communities and businesses. Please let me know. Bobby T

  2. January 24, 2013 7:04 pm

    Hi LoveSheffield,
    I like your LoveShefield blog and am pleased that you carry my Postcard Cafe site on your Sheffield blog list. Thank you.
    I thought I’d drop you a quick line (or two!) draw your attention to a couple of blogs that you may wish to take a look at and possibly include in your listings.
    I have a daily photoblog called Little Bits Of Sheffield and everyday I post a little bit of Sheffield! It’s been running for nearly 600 days and people can look under postcodes or categories to view the archives! Here is the link:
    The next wordpress site has been recently set up (migrated from blogger) by local woodcarver Nick Hunter. He is based in Sheffield and his small carvings carry his “Made in Sheffield” stamp. I have known Nick for a few years and am constantly amazed at how brilliant his work is. I recently featured his small bird carvings on Postcard Cafe just because they are so beautiful! I’ll not sing his praises too loudly but let you visit his site so see the wonders of his work. He tackles anything from intricate carvings for places like Chatsworth House to limited editions for Sheffield based Tado. Nick is one of Sheffields hidden treasures and rarely shouts about his own work. As you can gather I am a fan of his work and I wonder if his new blog might qualify to be listed on your pages? His new blog is here:
    My feature about his bird carvings is here:
    The third site is the Tado wordpress blog. They are based in Sheffield and here is their link: I knew about Tado long before I realised they are in Sheffield!
    I’m sure you have certain criteria for blogs to be mentioned on your pages and just thought you might be interested in taking a look at the ones mentioned above. Even if you feel they don’t meet your criteria you may enjoy what you see. I particularly like the look of Nicks new blog.
    Keep up the great work. Best wishes, Nigel.

  3. May 24, 2013 4:13 pm

    I wrote a blog post that covers the rise and fall of the Niche brand and the genre specific profiling that saw Bassline effectively banned from its home city of Sheffield. It is argued from an anti prohibition perspective.

    You might find it interesting. Feel free to share it.

    Thanks, Liam Deacon


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