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Leaving Sheffield – Poetry by Edd Mustill

October 14, 2012

I thought I’d reblog this post by a friend of mine – Edd. He’s a Sheffielder who’s recently moved back to London for a job and is feeling kinda homesick. I know we have a lot of ‘ex-pats’ who read this, so this is for you, and of course, for Edd – whose poetry is sublime and you can catch more of it here:

I recently left Sheffield, here’s a barely completed piece I’ve worked on, posted because I’m feeling homesick.

From Steel City

“The bottle’s half empty
And the glass is half full
The people outside us
They never understood.”

Harrisons, Blue Note

“If it hadn’t rained so much
That the seven hills became seven seas.”

Monkey Swallows the Universe, Sheffield Shanty

“And you can pour your heart out at around three o’clock
When the two-for-one’s undone the writer’s block.”

Arctic Monkeys, The View from the Afternoon

“Everything you want to be
And even everything that you dream of
Is inside you.”

Bison, You Are My Smile

“How was London? How was Crete
How was Amsterdam and gay Paris
How was Barcelona and Sicily
And did you spare a little thought for me?”

Little Man Tate, European Lover

“So I’ll see you when I see you
Yeah I’ll see you again.”

Milburn, Last Bus

With every footstep
I’m scraping towards a vantage point
Because before I leave
I want to see all the streets
I’ve never walked down
And before I leave
I want the bellowing hammers of the Don Valley
To bowl me over backwards
And before I leave
I want the shaking sound of a five-string acoustic
(because the b-string broke before payday)
To rasp up above the arts tower
From every bar on Division Street

Tell me you’re not letting me go for good
And I won’t be so sad
Tell me you’re not letting me go for good
That you’ll see me
At Christmas and I’ll tag
Your trees with a nonsense signature
That you’ll help me ring in the new year
With snowballs and whiskey in Meersbrook
With heavy ale cannonballs across
Chesterfield Road
Tell me you’re not
Tell me
Tell me I’ll be back
That I can come back whenever
Whenever I need you
That I’ll drink in the Lescar
The Sheaf View The Fat Cat
When I’m boxed into winter’s corner

Sometimes I think this is
A mess of dirt tracks in the wilderness
Sometimes I think this is
The centre of the world

If the scarred and crapped-out
Paths of my youth are
Visible under the tarmac
Scratching their way past
UNITE blocks and the shuttered-up Boardwalk
Where the metal string ghosts
Hum their grateful two-pounds-on-the-door tunes
Down to the griping traffic at Lady’s Bridge

If they empty out into the Don like a sewer
I’ll pick through the waste
I’ll tip over your bins
And tickle your underbelly
Like we all used to do
And I’ll never leave
I’ll never leave
Never never


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  1. January 17, 2013 7:22 pm

    I consider this particular blog , “Leaving Sheffield –
    Poetry by Edd Mustill Love Sheffield”,
    fairly entertaining plus it was in fact a good read.

    Thanks for the post,Louise

  2. January 25, 2013 10:23 am

    “Leaving Sheffield – Poetry by Edd Mustill Love Sheffield” really got
    myself simply hooked with your blog! Iwill wind up being back again significantly more often.
    Thank you -Debbra

  3. March 21, 2013 10:37 am

    Fabulous stuff, can we have more and more

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