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Nanny May

July 7, 2011

Last weekend was Sharrow Festival – an annual community event with bands, stalls, food…the usual. I popped in to look around, and spied the Nanny May stall, one of the only handmade craft stalls there, so it immediately stood out. It turns out that the friend I was with used to live with said artist, so I asked if I could take a few pics

 and write a short review.

I am a bit of a jewellery and accessories fiend, but my eye was particularly drawn to these pieces, which were unique in their basis of fabric, beads, buttons and ribbon over ‘hard’ materials.

Nanny May sells rings, necklaces, and hair accessories, though I was particularly proud to fish a pair of very cute button earrings out of the £1 basket. I also bought a lovely hairband in Autumnal colours (after much deliberation, unsurprisingly!).

You can check out the (constantly changing) products online, at this lovely website: Alternatively, there is a Facebook page you can follow: Or a blog! Lots of options!

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