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Urban Abstract

April 18, 2011

A few weeks ago, a colleague gave me the name of his Flickr profile to check out some photos he’d taken on the March 12th ‘Rage Against the Lib Dems’ and the 26th ‘March For The Alternative’ events so that I could use them (if I so wished, he humbly offered) on our union branch website, and the Sheffield Anti Cuts Alliance website (both of which I manage – another reason this place is becoming neglected!).

Whilst having a look at his account, I was delighted to find some absolutely beautiful collections of what he terms ‘architectural abstract’ shots – here are a few examples, but I urge you to check out his photostream. It’s poignant, I think, to look at one example of sheer talent in my workplace. Both Robbie and myself were both on strike today because our working environment is so terrible, and we are treated with so little respect. The staff in these offices are full of intelligence, qualifications, experience, knowledge and talent, and amongst all the other things we’ve spoken about today (until they disappear, check out here, here at 00:47, and here at 02:16), we’d just like – as all workers would – a little respect. Fact is, to get it, we’re going to have to keep fighting.

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  1. April 19, 2011 8:30 am

    Brilliant photography – I love the new buildings in Sheffield. I once worked in a call centre for a bank and know too well that the management of these places are akin to the sweatshops of old. I think the whole “lack of respect for each other”- and in a lot of cases lack of self respect is what is at the heart of many of the problems in this country today.x

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