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January 26, 2011

Komal feeling much better after a Tummy Rub!

Komal: We always seem to be so busy here at LS – with our various jobs and one thing and another, we finally found a day when we could go and speak to some people we were interested in speaking to last Sunday. Rosie had already arranged for us to go to Cocoa, but mentioned another company – Teabox who make, you guessed it…tea! Tea is another of my favourite things so this day was turning out to be quite a treat and I was eagerly anticipating meeting the people behind both businesses.

Unfortunately for me on Sunday morning I had a bit of a hangover but that didn’t stop us from walking (in the rain, I might add) the half hour walk up to Hunters Bar to meet the family behind Teabox.

We arrived at the house and Kirsty greeted us and invited us into her lovely home. We went through to the kitchen and I noticed her shelves were stacked with foil fresh pouches of tea. On the table were some blueberry muffins which she had baked herself.

She offered us some tea and, after discovering I had a hangover, recommended her ‘Tummy Rub’ blend of various things including liquorice, chamomile and fennel. After mixing it and letting it steep for the required time she poured us a cup and also one of the fresh muffins!


We asked various questions and all agreed there should be more places that supply good, proper tea. The tea looks incredible, most of them including tiny flowers and the

Earl Grey spiked with bright blue bergamot petals. She even gave us a couple of pouches of tea for us to take home with us! I have to say I will be ordering more of the ‘tummy rub’ definitely as it soothed my hangover and perked me up ready for our next visit which was just down the road!

Rosie: Yes, a busy day by all accounts, and you can see our review of Cocoa below. Kirsty’s cute house really added to our tea experience, and her parents were around too to give a helping hand. Her little kitchen had a lovely table with the freshly made cakes and teacups ready to go.

One of Kirsty's wonderful homemade blueberry muffins

Taking a deep sniff of the Earl Grey blend gave me a deep rush of bergamot which smelled exquisite. I knew this was definitely going to be a good experience. In the end however, we shared the Tummy Rub tea, and as a big fan of chamomile and mint teas, I happily obliged. The daisy-like chamomile flowers also look rather lovely in the pot, like the ‘perfumes’ my sister and I used to make out of rose petals and daisies as children…except tasting and smelling wonderful rather than mixed in a plastic bucket.

Sheffield Brew!

As we waited for the kettle to boil, Kirsty and her mum explained to us the process by which they had become interested in loose leaf and unusual teas. Kirsty very honestly said that she was fed up of the thought of working behind a desk, and wanted to try something different. So they went on a specialist tea master class where they learned all about the tea industry, the process of growing and producing the teas we see, and the different ingredients that can be blended to make up their mixtures.

Kirsty works out the blends with a master teamaker based in the South East who has previously worked with Tetley’s as a taster. These teas however are of a much higher quality than your average bag of builders, and we talked for a while about the most convenient way to drink loose leaf teas, and how people are often put off by the ‘hassle’ of it.

Kirsty showed us the range that they sell, including black, green and white teas as well as rooibos/redbush (South African caffeine-free ‘tea’). We discussed our favourite types of tea and I suggested Kirsty check out the Palais des Thés when she next visits Paris – an amazing shop I visited with a friend that really got me interested in the art of tea blending. I also sent her and her mum on a trip to Pollards in town – a Sheffield institution, they’ll have to let me know how they got on!

Some lovely Tummy Rub blend

A look at the Wikipedia entry on Green Tea gives just a taster of the huge field that is the world of tea, and Kirsty at Teabox is constantly looking at new ideas. The small but perfectly formed range on Teabox is constantly changing and up for negotiation. They even do a premium ‘cuppa’ blend called Sheffield Brew, which looks like coffee granules but is in fact a high quality version of the stuff you get in teabags, made from Indian teas. You can even send ideas in through her ‘Flavour Factory’ online – I bet you’ll never look at your cup of PG Tips the same way again!

Thanks to Teabox for having us for tea, we’ll be having a few more from now on!


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  1. Sandine permalink
    January 26, 2011 1:30 am

    I really like your blog, I recently moved here so I¡ll hopefully be checking out the places you write about very soon! One question, do you know any karaoke bars/clubs in Sheffield? thanks


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