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Antiques on Broadfield Road

January 13, 2011

A couple of weeks ago, in that weird time between Christmas and New Year, I spent a couple of hours wandering around the twoantiques emporiums in Heeley, around Broadfield Road. There’s the well established Sheffield Antiques Centre, and also just across the road sits the Sheffield Antiques Emporium.

Firstly the Antiques Emporium – two floors of old and new, with some more artistic sellers in the front and the older stuff upstairs. This place also has a good range of vintage clothing sellers, and some pretty outrageous dresses.

And some pretty funky ’embellished’ items on a big thrift and jewellery concession. I bought some beautiful tan leather gloves for £6 here.

It was still Christmas time, and by god was there some weird festive stuff still about…

There were little cases and shows of various artists’ work all over the place, including silk scarves and all sorts of crafty bits.

They do actually sell old stuff too.

And there was loads of lovely kitschy stuff that seems to be very ‘in’ right now.

Not a lot of antiques though really! I mean, there were some, but the vast majority of stuff there was reupholstered or refurbished. That’s not a problem by me – I’m not a huge fan of antiques pre-2oth century anyway. Still, not sure about the name of the place – seems a bit missold.

The place was very nice and a bit of a rabbit warren! The staff there when I went in were very chatty and happy to help, and quite happy for me to poke around taking pictures. There’s also a cafe upstairs that looked like it sells some wonderful stuff – sadly it was closed when I went in (bloody Twixtmas), though Komal informs me it is pretty good.

After that, I headed across the road to somewhere I know rather better (though it is now less mind-boggling a layout inside), the Sheffield Antiques Centre. This place is in a rather grand old building and you enter through the courtyard, like so:

And it’s an absolutely massive Aladdin’s cave of wonder. Tons of vintage clothes as well as more modern stuff.

There’s also tons and tons of antique furniture, paintings, wartime memorabilia, old radios, tableware…its brilliant! They also have a design studio and a dress alterations service. Also a lovely cafe with homemade cakes and consistently the nicest, cutest girls working there who are always sporting either 50s quiffs or Lily Allen-esque bling. Awesome.

Top comedy find of the day:

So! Apologies for the extremely photo-heavy and contentless post. I’m not sure what to write really as I can only suggest you go and have a root around these places yourself. Don’t forget to haggle, by the way – it’s rude not to. Also say hello to the lovely little dog who lives on reception at the Antiques Centre. He’s ace.


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  1. February 4, 2011 8:17 am

    Wow. I’m ashamed to say that I have never come across these places. They look great fun. I love retro crockery so I’ll have to take a look. Although my husband may want to kill me if I buy MORE cups & saucers/glasses…. but I just can’t help myself!

  2. February 18, 2012 4:00 pm

    The Emporium and Sheffield Antiques Centre are 2 of nearly 15 Antiques/Vintage/Retro and Collectables centres and shops in the Heeley/Abbeydale Road area. We are in the process of coming together as an ‘Antiques Quarter’ in order to get more exposure and to let people know we are here. It has been an informal ‘Quarter’ for years and now we are in discussion with Sheffield City Council and Welcome to Yorkshire to bring these businesses together in order to make it official. The Quarter represents no more than a square mile and runs from the end of the Queens Rd, along part of London Rd onto Broadfield Rd to the junction with Abbeydale Rd and back towards town to Wolseley Road. So you can add to your list The Chapel on Broadfield Road, Langtons on London Road, The Heeley Bank Centre will be opening soon (Queens Road). The Vault, Dronfield Antiques, The Pad, Timewarp and Sheffield Interiors & Not Just Military are all within a minute of one another on The Abbeydale Road. What with the emerging Haggler’s Corner (local arts centre on Queens Rd), The RudeShip Yard (cafe and books) and The Okey Cafe (60’s Mod Cafe) among others – things are spicing up. Watch this space……

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