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The Orchid Thai Restaurant Review

January 8, 2011

Browsing the Internet a month ago, I came across an offer on groupon that I couldn’t resist – “A Christmas journey” for two people at the orchid Thai restaurant. My mouth watered as I read the menu and after seeing that it was just £21.50 instead of the original £53.60, I bought my voucher straight away.

Last night, me and a friend braved the horrible, slushy snow and rain in search of this place.
We eventually found it, I was pleased once I realized its whereabouts as I had walked past many times, and always wanted to visit.

We step inside to see elegant, expensive decor, which surrounds a huge fish tank, which houses several large fish.
The waiter shows us to our table and hands us the Christmas journey menu. We are about to tell him what we would like when he informs us that we will be getting everything on the menu!
This makes our choice a little easier.

We help ourselves to the prawn and crab crackers. I say we, but I have only a small nibble of a crab cracker, as I’m not keen on them.

Our starters arrive almost immediately, but not before we giggle at the descriptions of the food – the “Penang Nuea” being particularly hilarious.

The food looks stunning. Well presented and with the addition of some beautifully sliced carrot in the shape of a butterfly and a flower – Very impressive.
I enjoy every piece of the starter especially the ribs with meat that fell effortlessly off the bone.

Our empty plates are taken and no more than five minutes later our mains start to arrive.
The “tradition beef slice” is served in a little pot over a candle and is thin, silky, melt in the mouth beef with a lovely peanut flavour and crunchy green beans.

The rice is fine as are the accompanying vegetables.

Salmon and aubergine is a combination I’ve never seen before but it works and is tasty.

The chicken has a moreish crunchy coating and a delicate sauce which is unlike the typical Chinese chicken and cashew nut I have tried and has a lighter, more delicate flavour.

My curiosities about the traditional Thai dessert are certainly not answered when it arrives. I fish about in the bowl with my spoon and find slices of banana, which I realise after placing in my mouth that they are very hot!

The sauce us light,sweet and coco-nutty and the toasted sesame seeds give a lovely crunchy texture and depth of flavour to the whole thing.

Overall I’m pretty happy – not only did I get a bargain but I got to sample great food that’s a bit different from the standard Chinese meal out, and in lovely sophisticated surroundings!

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  1. January 11, 2011 9:18 am

    Wow…I love everything in this post. Specially when talk about Thai food, I am big fan of Thai food and buddy this blog has great list of Thai food. A perfect choice for a special occasion! it’s a real restaurant review! thanks

  2. Leon bodkin permalink
    February 25, 2012 9:15 pm

    Shit , does not taste like Thai food , found two hairs in my main course , absolutely disgusting

  3. D Hardwick permalink
    March 2, 2012 1:46 pm

    Over priced WE ordered starter between 3 got 3 little squares of sesame toast 3 king prawns wrapped 3 satay chicken sticks and 3 dips and a handful of salad for £20 !!!!!!!!!!
    rip off or what they brought 3 dips cos we were 3 dips for ordering the starter!!! never going again!!!!!

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