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The Thaw

December 7, 2010

So, all quiet on the blogging front from my end…

I’ve been away in the Middle East for the last period, and recovering for the last week (sub-tropical stomach bugs not going down so well). You can find out all about what I was up to by checking out our blog here.

From sunning last Monday morning to trudging through snow and not being able to start my new job due to a closed office, it’s been a bit of a weird few days, but thought the temperatures are still dropping, things seem to be reverting to normal at the moment.

Back last week though, Meersbrook Park was a winter wonderland – in fact there were plenty of snowboarders coming down to show us all how to stay cool in the cold. A little less taxing, here’s me and some friends enjoying ourselves…

But then the slush and ice came, and we all remember that their aren’t that many outfit options when the weather is this bad. Lucky then, that a good old fashioned rave-up came along Friday night so we could dance our winter blues away in that most glamorous of party venues – an abandoned mansion. The RSS ‘Indiestep’ soundsystem brought the house down, and hundreds of us danced away until the early hours with our wellies, mittens, and chosen poison.

Sadly, due either to something I caught in the Middle East, or the weather, or something else, I am now poorly! So plenty of time to stay in and decorate the tree and do all my Christmas shopping online.

My tips for the cold snap:

– Don’t wear wellies. The rubber freezes and no amount of socks will keep you warm!

– Multi-coloured leggings. There are few excuses to wear them, so make the most of it.

– High-top trainers – super snuggly warm footwear and waterproof leather to boot!

– Roast some chestnuts in the oven, and make some mulled wine. And invite some people over to share. Sorted.

– Fingerless mittens over normal gloves – twice the warmth, and more options!

– Glitter. Wear some. It will make you feel better.

– Buy some gig or festival tickets for next year. It will give you something fun to look forward to.

– Lemsip/Blackcurrant beechams. Well it’s helping me anyway.

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  1. December 8, 2010 8:14 am

    high tops are good or you can do as I did and dig out your old new rock boots, if you have any that is.. haha

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