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The Greystones

November 18, 2010

Sometimes, do some strange questions come into your mind? Like, what the first people entering the Titanic HMS felt? What did they feel smelling the odour of fresh paint, sleeping for the first time in those never touched beds, or using for the first time the shiny sets of cutlery? All those feelings came to me last night when I arrived at The Greystones.

For me it was the first time I was seeing it, I had no idea where it was, or how it was before.

The first thing that came to me was the discret smell of fresh paint, and the  warm white light coming out of the crowded room when I opened the front door.

At first I looked at the ceiling – you are going to ask me why – just because when you arrive you are not expecting a place as big as that. Because of the height of the ceiling and the clear grey and white paint we have an impression of clarity and space which gave me the feeling of arriving in  Heaven…but no, it’s actually not Heaven, but it  may be the paradise of real ale drinkers.

I have not yet mentioned it but The Greystones is actually owned by a brewery, and one of my favorite breweries at the moment – Thornbridge Brewery based in Bakewell (see my review here), brewing beers  now for  five years with a delightful mix of different hops, fruits and spices that give their beer their uniqueness and their signatures. Nobody has been as inventive as them for a long time.

Passing the door, I headed for the bar, a large wooden counter strewn of customers elbows on the bar waiting for their beverages.

Good beverages, I should have said, beverages selected with care for the pleasure of their customers from the big range of Thornbridge Ales: pale, golden, dark, New World pale ales, Indian pale ales, stout for  reasonable prices between £2.20 to £3.00.

All tastes should be satisfied, from the fresh taste of a Wild Swan to the bitterness of Lord Marple, passing by the hoppyness of the  Kipling, the Lumford lightness, or the Halcyon fruty and malty strength, or even the malty biscuit taste of the Hopton.

Drinking a pint of their beer is like entering a world of aromas that you would have never dared mix together. Ambitious beers delivered in a wonderful pub, ruled by people full of ambitions and ideas of innovations, mixing the classical style of some old traditional pubs with wooden tables and chairs, positionned around the fire place, making you feeling like home with lots of photographs of sheffield people on the walls from Jarvis Cocker to traditional English sceneries and  landscape pictures punctuated by old fashioned mirrors.

Also, if you pass the bar, you enter a large room, « The Back Room » used as a venue for jazz, blues and folk gigs, but also for the Last Laugh Comedy club welcoming comedians from Yorkshire and all around the United Kingdom.

For the people who knows me it’s easy to remember that I love English ales, so The Greystones is providing me everything I need. But if you don’t like beer, no worries, you can be easily contented by their large choice of different wines coming from all over the world, or the usual selection of spirits.

So I invite you all cordially to pop there for a drink, and have a chat about beer with their more than welcoming and qualified staff, and if you are lucky you can even meet the Thornbridge brewer team having a drink after work!

The Greystones,

Greystones Road,




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  1. November 18, 2010 9:06 am

    I liked it when I went in but I wish they’d dim the lights a bit, it was really bright

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