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Platillos Restaurant Review

November 8, 2010

Whilst indulging in various fruit beers at the newly expanded Sheffield tap with a friend last night, we realised we were getting rather hungry. Stepping out into the cold, dark and rainy night we stumbled along searching for a place to supply us with delicious food.

Roughly half an hour later we were in Leopold Square contemplating whether to eat at Wagamamas or Platillos. We spotted a sign offering early bird tapas at the latter so strolled inside.

We went past the modern bar which had various tapas on the blackboard and up the stairs to the restaurant. There is a long bar behind, which is the kitchen, and a grill on which I noticed a chef barbecuing food throughout the evening.

We were shown to our seats and I noticed they are fans of the Spanish smoked paprika as they have large tins used as toothpick holders and cutlery holders on the tables.
The menu has your classic Spanish tapas such as tortilla and patatas bravas as well as a few Greek items and even Moroccan too.

The early bird menu offers three tapas and a dessert for £12. We chose three each, plus an extra couple on top of that, and two cocktails at £3.50 each with which to wash it all down.

Not long after ordering, the food starts to arrive. The portions were small but we do have eight plates between us!

The calamari that I tried first is very good – cooked to perfection and melting in my mouth. I then tried the red mullet escabeche, which they have cured and served as a whole fillet. This is a new experience for me, as I was expecting thin slices, but is good none the less.

The ‘pat brav’ had a nice kick from the paprika, but the tortilla was rather dull. The chicken wings were succulent – charred from the grill and with a smokey flavour. I nibbled an elegant looking kofte next, dipping it in its accompanying tzatziki which is very tasty and well spiced.
The slices of chorizo are okay – not the best but most definitely not the worst I’ve ever tasted. I mopped up the paprika-stained oil with some of the rye bread which is soft and a little sour, very delicious. The hojiblanka olive oil that accompanied the bread had a very bitter aftertaste which I’m not too fond of.

I am well and truly stuffed and unable to eat any more when I suddenly remembered the desserts!

A home-made vanilla cheesecake and baklava bombshell were placed on our table and we both stared at the food for a while, wondering where in our already crammed small intestine this might fit, before testing a small corner. The cheesecake is rather lemony for a purportedly vanilla variety and I was not expecting it to be that sour. However, the golden crunchy top was nice and moreish. The baklava was also very good, with the pistachio and honey working well alongside the cream and crunchy filo, and not at all greasy.

The combined bill for the two of us came to £42, which is reasonable for that quality of food. I very much enjoyed the cocktails and the atmosphere. I would recommend it and intend to return for drinks and tapas in the bar next time.


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