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The Bowery

November 2, 2010

What about a Girly Night Out at The Bowery?

Last Wednesday was the day just before my birthday. As an early birthday present, I had the pleasure to welcome my friend Marjorie to Sheffield for a week.

People who know me would say I am not the girliest girl in the world, but that evening Marjorie and I decided to get dressed as pretty as we could, and off we went!

We decided to head for the Sheffield city centre with no real idea where to go, we just wanted to spend a nice moment in a chilled out atmosphere, where we could enjoy music and nice cocktails as Carrie Bradshaw would have done with her New York team.

So we passed in front of The Bowery and decided to enter, attracted by the warm relaxed atmosphere and the music played by the DJ. The inspiration for the bar’s name came from the legendary Bowery area of New York which became notorious for its saloons and gambling dens.

When you pass the door, on your left, you can see a large bar where four gorgeous barmen are shaking drinks and throwing bottles in the air preparing mouth-watering cocktails. In the corner near the bar, the DJ is busy scratching, mixing good tunes form old school hip hop to Human League, New Order, the Clash and even Beastie Boyz.

We finally reached the bar passing through the Halloween dressed up crowd and ordered cocktails. I ordered a Margarita – not really original when you know that there are over 10 different cocktails at a range of prices, from £3 to £9, from the most simple to the most complex mix. For example, my friend ordered an «English Rose», which is a mix of gin , rose syrup and cranberry juice. Just one thing to say: it was absolutely delightful, and we even opted for a second one each. After being served we crashed into the nice comfortable armchairs to enjoy our drinks and the music under the soft subdued lighting.

I have actually forgotten to mention that the Bowery is a ‘lounge bar’ and not a proper pub to which I am more accustomed to. Even then, they have a large range of lagers and ales.

At midnight, my friend and I decided to do our special request to the DJ, because we were finally at that moment, the 28th of October which is also the blessed day that god decided to make me appear on earth(!). The special request was MIA’s ‘Paper Planes’.

At the end of the night we were two happy, a bit tipsy girls, proud to have done the first girly night of their life!

If you want to spend a nice time, drinking lovely cocktails served by lovely Barmen (just for you girls) while listening quality music, you know now the place to be: The Bowery, on Devonshire St, Sheffield.


Aurore @ LoveSheffield

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