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Bellowhead and Friends, The Royal, Dungworth

October 11, 2010

Today the sun came back out and it was a glorious sunny autumnal day. If it doesn’t come back again this year at least we will fondly remember such a marvellous day when the sleet and hail are coming down in a matter of mere weeks.

I spent my day at The Royal Hotel in Dungworth – somewhere much lovelier than its name suggests. A truly special location due to its positioning in the  LoxleyValley; where every window looks like a postcard, and the sun shines out over the hills.

So what were we doing? Well, Bellowhead have a new album out, and to celebrate after the grandeur of a London launch, a few of the band brought it right back home to have a lovely afternoon in The Royal with pies, peas, tunes and some morris dancing. All this, and some of the loveliest people folk has to offer.

Personally, I have ducked head and shoulders out of the folk world for the past year, and in reality for probably the last two years due to other commitments (politics, work, trips abroad), and so it was great to see many friends that I didn’t see this summer, and whom I hope to catch with on a more regular basis from now on. In a more general journalistic sense, it’s great to see prolific musicians chatting over a pint and a bag of peanuts – this is why the folk scene is such a great thing to be a part of – and one of many reasons why I’ve missed it. Unfortunately today only proved to me that practice makes perfect, and neglecting ones instruments (however tokenistic they may these days be in my case) for months on end will result in a loss of technique – I resolve to play more and get to learning my new instrument(s)!

So, without further ado, here’s some nice pictures of some nice folkie folk for your delectation and interest.


Pecsaetan women's cotswold under the glorious Yorkshire sky - click for info.


Rich and Jon playing second fiddle (and melodeon) to the women this time round!
A fraction of Bellowhead, over Sunday lunch.


Then there were lots of children. Well, there had been lots of children all afternoon, but at some point they became rather the focal point of my day with their antics.

Very punk baby climbing in through the window…
Folk Rock baby with guitar-shaped mandolin looking like a scaled electric guitar. His technique was pretty promising.
My lovely mum, and another cool folk baby appearance.


Later, I ended up abandoned on a roadside somewhere in the valley, thankfully rescued by a heroic friend of mine in a lovely Christmas coloured van, who saw me and took pity!

A perfect end to a great weekend (except for the treacherous hangover that incapacitated me for most of Saturday, of course), I’ll make a point of getting up there more often, as The Royal also plays host to a superb line up of concerts on a regular basis.

Rosie @LoveSheffield


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  1. Dave Eyre permalink
    October 11, 2010 7:55 am

    Lovely piece and a great description of the afternoon. One tiny point of geographical pedantry – Dungworth is on the Loxley Valley.

    But a great afternoon.

    • October 11, 2010 9:10 am

      Cheers dave, and on the geography-damn it I thought it was one of the two and I had a fifty-fifty chance of success! Will edit later.


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