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Homemade Review

September 30, 2010

I’d heard very good things about homemade and after passing it at nether edge autumn market I had to go inside and try their food.
I met my friend Sarah there and we were the only customers at 2:30. They were preparing one side of the cafe for a private booking. As we sat down a few more people came in and this half of the cafe soon got full.
The decor is really unique and kitsch with vintage newspaper clippings along the wall and plastic polka dot table cloths . This gives the place a really good atmosphere and the friendly staff make you feel very welcome.

The menu looks nice and decently priced. I order a aubergine, courgette and tomato lasagna off the specials board whilst Sarah opts for a chicken wrap with sweet chilli jam.
I get to choose two salads with mine from the five salads of the day which include a tabbouleh, beetroot, puy lentil, kiwi and rocket and a mixed leaves one. I go for the tabbouleh and the kiwi and rocket.

The food arrives and we both dig in. My lasagna is really tasty and wholesome and gave me that warm feeling that home-made food tends to do. I like the tabbouleh and the kiwi and rocket but then remember that I’m slightly allergic to kiwi so I leave it, apart from the kiwi me and Sarah both practically lick our plates clean and start to eye up the lovely looking cakes.

I can’t decide and the helpful waitress recommends the chocolate yoghurt cake so I have that. Its served with Greek yoghurt which surprisingly works well as it counteracts the richness of the chocolate with its creamy tangyness. I try some of Sarah’s lemon polenta which is also delicious.

After paying we wander through to the other room to check out their deli and its wonderful! Like a dream pantry full of local Sheffield treats like nattys welsh rarebit, our cow molly ice cream and even local pate!

I don’t purchase anything today but I’ll definitely be back, especially for their famous burger nights with seven different delicious sounding burgers and coke floats! Amazing!

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  1. November 3, 2010 3:24 pm

    Wow Handmade looks lovely, I think I need to pay a visit asap! :-)

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