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Spotted By Chance #2: Walls/Cafe #9/The Rutland Arms

September 27, 2010

I’ve seen some interesting things this week.

Several were on walls.

Beer mats, The Rutland

Currency, Cafe #9

Cafe #9 was a delight. In all my time in this area I’ve never been in there (it’s on Nether Edge Road) and now I actually feel bad for that. It has an amazing atmosphere – almost like a scandinavian coffee/hot chocolate house with its candles and round wooden tables. The stereo was playing trad/folk revival stuff (I couldn’t identify the singer) and there are homemade cakes. My friend said his cappuccino was good, though I just had a tea. The staff were very busy due to the Farmers Market outside, and service was beyond casual – I don’t think we would’ve been asked to pay had we not asked to ourselves. It wasn’t clear whether it was table or counter service but I don’t really think there are rules – just try and catch the staff! I’m hoping they might be interested in letting me run some folk gigs/sessions there so watch this space.

Candles and Folk Songs (heard and not seen), Cafe #9

Jokes, The Rutland

The Rutland Arms – everyone’s favourite pub-near-the-train-station…at least until the Sheffield Tap came along. Still, The Rutland offers a friendly bar, lovely staff, some great and varied hand-pulled ales, and a good little food menu. I had a Rutty Butty (not pronounceable without sounding like a posh twat unless you’re thoroughly Yorkshire-voice…unlike me) which was nice though not that hot for some reason. My friend had one of their cinnamon chocolate brownies and I can only assume from the noises she was making and the fact that she practically licked the plate clean that it was pretty good!

Post on Judy’s Vintage Fair and Jim Moray/The Boardwalk up ASAP

Rosie @LS

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  1. Pete Green permalink
    September 27, 2010 12:33 pm

    Enjoyed these a lot – thanks, Rosie.

    The lack of a menu at Cafe #9 sometimes troubles me – maybe I’m just a bit uptight and traditional that way. But yeah, it’s a lovely relaxed place. Folk gigs there sound a great idea.

  2. September 28, 2010 2:00 am

    yeah my dad will like this

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