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Fancie: Review

September 5, 2010

A couple of weeks ago, a rather lovely email came winging its way into the LS inbox, asking whether we would like to come for free tea and cakes at the very popular Sheffield-based cupcake company, ‘Fancie’, at their main Hunters Bar cafe.

As if we would say no. The three of us headed on down today by various ways of bicycle, foot and car, and were eager to try out the yummy treats in store for us at this Sheffield favourite.


We go inside and are greeted by two very smiley members of staff and a huge pile of beautifully decorated cupcakes. All of them different colours, flavours and sizes. They even do gluten free cakes. They have a few specials of the day that half of the profits from selling go to the Macmillan cancer charity.

The decoration is very dolls house-esque, very dainty with doilies and delicate china plates and tea cups.
I’m delighted that they stock tea pig teas and I choose rooibos creme caramel tea which one of the smiley cupcake ladies tells me is her favourite. It doesn’t disappoint!

After much decision I finally decide on the chocolate cherry cupcake with sour cream frosting from the specials of the day.

I try some of my cake and it is very good. The sour cherries in the cake mean the whole thing isn’t too sickly sweet and compliment the chocolate as does the sour cream frosting.
I try some of the snickerlicious and its very sweet I don’t think I could manage more than two mouthfuls of that! I’m very happy I chose mine.

So that’s another wonderful shop to be found on and around ecclesall road I’ll definitely be back when I’m in the area for a cup of lovely tea and another tasty cupcake…


Need your dose of sugar?

According to Wikipedia, sugar is « the organic compound commonly known as table sugar and sometimes called saccharose ».

Whatever…. all those things don’t give you a clue about what sugar really is. For me, Sugar is something sweet, something that melts in my mouth and slides slowly in my stomach, and I know that every time I eat it, I like it , and for some people it has the same effects as drugs.

So if we are talking about Sugar as a Drug, I have a new « Sugar Dealer » : FANCIE

Today with my two fellow bloggers, I came down there, attracted by the smell of the hot coffee, reminding me the smell of breakfast at home. You know those moments , on sunday morning, when your mum; or your boyfriend, girlfriend, whoever it is, has decided to prepare breakfast for you… But not only by that, i was also attracted by that pink facade saying : FOR PEOPLE WHO LIKE CAKES.

So we entered the shop, welcomed by two lovely members of staff, inviting us to sit down in the most girly setting ever, little tables, with lovely porcelaine tea sets, pink frames with marilyn Monroe pictures, and cupcakes everywhere on the walls.

We had a general look at the menu, where everybody can be satisfied , from the lemon cream cupcake, to the chocolate and cherry with sour cream cupcake, to the vanilla and sticky toffee cupcake. For my part, I was really interested in something really sweet that would be able to give me a big dose of sugar and fat. So i chose the most evil one, the one that all the girls dream of: the SNICKERLICIOUS, which is basically a chocolate cupcake filled with caramel, piled high with peanut butter and chocolate frosting finished with drizzles of gooey caramel. Yes, I told you….. EVIL.

I began by taking off the paper « dress » of my cupcake, fighting with my fork, and then decided to use my fingers. I took my fork and tried the icing, and then dove my fork inside the cupcake and finally parted it in little pieces to be able to bring it to my mouth. And then the delight began, black sweet spongy cake melting with caramel, mixing in my mouth, then i felt something harder, a peanut! The difference of texture was amazing, they have found the perfect balance between, spongie soft and hard.

While eating that I felt the sugar spreading in my veins, feeling a bit like a drug addict just having a hit.

Because I felt myself incredibly guilty while I was eating that cake, so I decided to order a green tea with mint, served in a porcelain tea set. I needed something with a fresh taste, to calm down the heavy sugar.

I really had the impression of being 10 years old and playing with my little girl friends, pretending to have a cup of tea and eating plastic cupcakes…but everything was for real.


I’ll admit it straight off – I don’t have a sweet tooth. Not in any sense. I would probably choose another starter over a dessert atmost restaurants. But occasionally I can demolish a slab of cheesecake or a piece of apple pie, and for this event I was determined to eat a whole Fancie cupcake, as on previous visits I have had to share due to sugar overload! Not that they’re not delicious, but I’m just not used to that amount of ‘sweet’!

So I chose the lemon one, because I don’t really like chocolate cake, so those were out, and also because lemon drizzle cake (Crank’s recipe – try it) is probably my second favourite cake in the world (carrot cake is first). The icing/frosting on top was pleasingly smooth, and the lemon curd drizzle added a nice amount of tartness. My cake was a light lemon sponge and the whole thing was bloody good – thumbs up to the cupcake. A tip though – just take it out of the paper case asap, it’s not worth fiddling around with!

I was also mad keen on the tea blend I chose. Now this is something I could really get enthused about – tea. I chose a Darjeeling and Earl Grey blend which was bloody great, and had a lovely aroma. The Earl Grey stopped it from being too delicate (I am a lover of strong tea), but the aroma of the Darjeeling remained. I even ordered a second pot!

As for the venue, well, it is about as girlie as anything could ever be, and not at all ironic – the staff, the decor, the china – all pink and floral and kitsch. I really like it, it becomes more of an ‘experience’ than anything, though I’m not sure I could have a house like that…maybe one room?!

Whilst we were there two groups came in to pick up special orders, one was an order of fifty pink and black glittery cupcakes for a 21st birthday – they looked pretty spectacular! I asked the couple to show them to us, which they reluctantly posed in too:

We had a quick chat with the two women who were working there before we left. They were in a great mood and were really happy and chatty with all the customers. We asked them both whether they ever get sick of cakes – there was a mixed response, but one girl said she never gets sick of it!

All in all, a great little place – thank you for inviting us Fancie, we’ll be back!

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  1. September 6, 2010 6:57 am

    I love all our different reviews put together!
    I forgot to send you any photos! But you have some good ones though especially the one Aurore took of the table :)
    Mmm cake!


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