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Party Time at Club 60

August 9, 2010

There's no place like home...

There’s a little place in Sheffield that if you’re lucky enough to know about, it’s probably because you’re dead cool – Club 60. An underground club in a secret location (no, I’m not telling you – sorry), I’ve been invited a few times but actually made it down last night. It was the birthday party of the lovely Hugh from Oblong – a brilliant local band who happen to have the cutest singer with the biggest voice in Tracy.

When we arrived in the low brick cellars around midnight the place was filled with revellers all clearly having a great time. I spotted a few people I knew from all ends of the city and filled up on rum and ginger. Oblong started to play in the small middle space – everyone ducking below the low sides of the walls. A street traffic light and candles in alcoves provide the dimly lit atmosphere, and the air is electric with good moods.

Oblong are clearly playing to a crowd of friends, so naturally the response is positive. Having said that they are on the best form I have yet seen them where perhaps they could have played it easy. The memorable ‘Deny’ is my highlight – remembering it from previous times I’ve seen them, it conjures up images of Elastica in my mind. This, however, is a classically Sheffield sound – bands such as Screaming Mimi and the Long Blondes have been rocking the female-fronted indie-rock thing for a while now, and even though each of these are very individual in sound, the power of the ballsy frontwoman cuts through them all. Is it anti-feminist for me to highlight the fact that these are all female fronted bands? Would I mention that they were male fronted? Probably not. I’ll leave it to your judgement, but I think it’s probably still the case that female fronted groups will be identified as such for a while.

After Tracy, Hugh and the gang have rocked their gold leggings (present on the former, not the latter) and the crowd, we all take a break to dance to whatever Max is messing around with on his iPod. Thumbs up it seems.

Later, another band – Black Cat White Cat.

Another female-fronted outfit with some of the most fresh and original sounds I’ve heard in ages. When I later found out it was only their second ever gig I was even more impressed – their stage presence is captivating, and and lead singer Angela owns the stage and the whole venue. I’m now eagerly anticipating more gigs and some recordings from these guys, and in the meantime I have put them up as the first in our new ‘featured artist’ section. The band encompasses a little of Tom Waits, a little surfy edge, and a little jazz-punk-beatnik style – all wrapped up in one very original package.

As the bands wrap up for a while and we carry on drinking my friend mentions how much the venue reminds her of the clubs in Liverpool, where she used to live. I’m just impressed by what a bloody good mood everyone’s in – no aggro at the bar, people chatting to anyone who comes their way, and not even any moaning at the rather basic outside loos. Kudos to everyone who makes this place special, and long may it live.

Rosie @ LoveSheffield

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  1. August 9, 2010 7:54 pm

    I’ve never even heard of it! Obviously not cool enough haha looks good though.

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