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Mish Mash Restaurant Review

August 6, 2010

Mish Mash

I had heard good things about mish mash and so took my little sister along for lunch.
We go inside and there’s three other people relaxing with coffee.
A friendly waiter greets us and tells us we can sit wherever we like. We choose a table and order some drinks, there are lots of interesting fruit juices. I go for mango whilst my sister opts for pineapple.

There’s sandwiches, breakfasts, burgers, soup and fish and chips.
My sister goes for the home-made fish finger sandwich with crayfish tartar sauce.
I’m having difficulty deciding what to choose and go for the veggie burger. A few seconds later the waiter comes and tells me the veggie burger is the only thing they do not have – unlucky!

I ask him which dish is his favourite and he tells me the rib eye steak with blue cheese sandwich so I go for that as I just can’t make up my mind.
The food arrives pretty quickly and is well presented on little wooden boards.
My sister takes one look at the tartar sauce and decides she doesn’t like it which is good news for me as I love crayfish and tartar sauce and this was amazing – juicy little crayfish and tiny capers with tangy gherkins and mayonnaise.

The chips are very good indeed. I can’t remember the last time I had chips this good. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find good chips in Sheffield. The last time was probably at the tasty two steps on sharrow vale road.
But anyway back to the food…My sandwich was pretty good although the bread was a bit burnt on one side and the steak was quite chewy but 
perhaps that is normal for rib eye?
The flavour however was delicious. The caramelised red onions and blue cheese were a marriage made in heaven and the steak was cooked to perfection.
I nearly killed my sister for nicking a chip as they were the best bit!

The bill was just under £15. The evening menu looks very nice and the decent selection of spirits behind the bar suggests they make some lovely cocktails so I’ll definitely be back to spend an evening here.

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