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Tramlines – The chosen family

July 25, 2010

I bumped into the Sheffield hip hop band The Chosen Family at Bar One on saturday night and they were kind enough to pose for a photo and let me give them a quick interview!

So have you guys enjoyed Tramlines this year?

Yeah it’s been alright actually.

Where did you play?

At the redhouse on friday, yeah it was a really good vibe. Best gig so far no doubt about it.

Have you got any new releases coming out?

We’ve got a few tracks in the working, we are going to go down to the studio in the winter and get some tracks done.

Have you got a myspace?

Yeah..sort of (laughter) in the making, it’s not very good but it will become good. We are as underground as you get.  The page is spelled without the ‘i’ because I can’t spell (more laughter).

Cool so have you got any more gigs coming up?
Yes possibly one on the first weekend of august at the cremorne, not the best sound system but the guys offered us gigs time and time again and we’ve not been able to do it so we have definitely got to do it this time.

Watch this space though, we’ve got a whole new set planned with a  theme behind the whole thing there’s going to be an album set from beginning to end, it will tell the whole story.

Komal @ LoveSheffield


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