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I can’t wait for the weekend to begin!

July 22, 2010

Hi all, just to say that Lovesheffield will be covering Tramlines this year so keep your eyes peeled for updates over the weekend, and follow our Twitter feed – ‘@love_sheffield’ to keep up with our up-to-the-minute movings abouts! We have been kindly furnished with press passes so are going to try and get to as many events as possible to make the most of it and put it up here.

So, two things:

  • Follow us on Twitter and hashtag #lovetramlines to tell us what you’re getting up to over the weekend!
  • Subscribe to the blog if you haven’t already – just click on the button to the right. We’ll have snazzy mobile internet all weekend to keep in touch and will (hopefully!) be updating on the fly thanks to the wonders of technology!

If you have any recommendations for bands you’d like us to review, or if you’re a band and would like an interview, please contact us via the email address,

Last of all – we hope you all have a great weekend! The word on the street is that it’s first come first served at all events so get there early!

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