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Sharrow Festival

July 4, 2010

Saturday was the wonderful Sharrow festival!

I have many memories of this festival which I’ve been to, I think every year since it started many years ago and the weather was just beautiful.
I got there a little too early I think as there wasn’t as many people as I usually remember but the atmosphere was still there and there was loads of stalls selling books, food, tombolas, jewellery etc.

I was tempted by the fresh scones with cream and fresh strawberries but after noticing the Mexican stand and being a huge lover of Mexican food I got my food from there and it didn’t disappoint.

I had a chicken burrito, the chicken marinated in mole sauce and served inside a tortilla with cheese added then warmed til the cheese melted.
This was served with sour cream, fresh salsa and guacamole.
My taste buds were in heaven! this was truly the best festival food I’d ever had, perfection and all for £3.50.

My one and only photo from the whole day was of course of the food.

I took a walk back to the stall and was overjoyed to find that they have opened a new restaurant on London road with more delicious Mexican food!!
I can assure you that you will soon be reading a review from the restaurant.

Back to the rest of the festival though, there was a little stall selling bits and bobs where I spotted a lovely green skirt which I snapped up which will be great for summer.
I have a browse through a vintage stall and find a stunning dress which fits like a dream so I also buy that.
lots of delicious new food stalls that I’ve not seen before including a lemongrass and thyme one and a tasty vegan stall with the vibrant healthy looking dishes.

I rested my tired legs in the tea tent with a cup of tea and then noticed there was a dance group starting so had a wander over and they were actually really really good, can’t remember the name unfortunately but there were 6 teenagers, street dance style with one being an amazing break dancer, it was very entertaining to watch.

I get pretty tired soon because I only arrived back home from my two week holiday in china on Friday so I’m feeling a bit jet lagged so I stroll home passing some of my favourite Sharrow shops on the way including the rude shipyard with its wonderful books which I had to take a look at and bragazzis which of course I had to go in and sit down with a tasty hot chocolate.

I also stopped by my old school Meersbrook bank which was having a fair and being with my two little sisters who also went there, I stopped to have a quick look inside but it was very quick as I was very tired and didn’t see much except for a woman singing a Nina Simone song which sounded great and splat the rat and other similar stalls before I was on my way home.

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  1. July 5, 2010 6:31 pm

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