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May 2, 2010

If you grew up in the late eighties or the nineties, cast your mind back to those misty times…

Did you ever go to a friend’s birthday party at Lazer Quest?

Quasar. Apologies for the horrible iPhone picture quality.

I was never so lucky…coming from a largely anti-war, pacifist family my relatives (perhaps correctly) wouldn’t have approved. But now I’m old enough, I’m discovering how much I love this non-contact, hyper competitive war game for grown ups! We went (again) last night to Quasar on Bank Street – next to the Boardwalk.

If you don’t know how it works, a group of people (hopefully you and your friends) take plastic ‘tabards’ with targets on them and a big gun type thing (don’t worry, it only shoots beams of light) and are let loose around the area – a dark, neon, post apocalyptic type place with a lot of ramps, corners and places to hide. I actually think it is a lot like being at Corporation without the alcohol (aside from the visual; dark, scary, disorientating and smelling of sweat). You are scored points on how many of the opposite team you hit, and docked points for how many times you are hit. I scored a very miserable minus score…but it was fun all the same!

A lot of people don’t know Quasar is still there, but it’s bloody brilliant and run by some great people. It’s actually just behind the office where I work, so I walk past quite a lot…perhaps it’s a good bet for a lunchtime workout? That’s the other thing…take some deodorant and a spare t-shirt…

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