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Lights, Camera, Action!

May 2, 2010

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We all love The Showroom. Sheffield is very lucky to have such a well-established independent cinema that makes going to see a movie a genuine pleasure rather than the Coca-Cola soaked, sticky popcorn covered experience it so often is at the megaplexes or the sadly run down Odeon (rumours abound that it is soon to be refurbished though, here’s hoping!). Obviously it is a more ‘grown-up’ experience, and one still has to go to such places to see the big blockbusters (although the Showroom did show the full Lord of the Rings trilogy in my recollection), but those are the times when you need a massive screen and speakers that blow out your ear drums anyway! I also think we’re very lucky to have the film festivals that frequent the Showroom, of an international standard. DocFest and Sensoria along with many others really showcase the prestige of the place. I was lucky enough to be at the opening night of DocFest last year, which was the premiere of Moving To Mars – a film about two Burmese families who move to Sheffield after gaining leave to remain. The other great thing about the Showroom is surely the ability to take alcohol into the screens(!).

Yesterday I went to see The Ghost. My housemate had already been to see it, saying that although there are reviews that frequently compare it to the Blair years in parliament, there is only a shadow of resemblance. I had to agree with her, the film is essentially a political thriller rather than a biopic, and the characters are far removed from Tony and Cherie in The Queen (for example). It is focused on Ewan McGregor’s ‘ghost’ (ghost writer) who moves in with the ex-prime minister’s family in a colleague’s remote American home. Pierce Brosnan was far too hammy to come across as a man who had spent over a decade in power, and I generally thought he let the film down, which was otherwise engaging and well paced with fantastic cinematography that reminded me a little of Hitchcock. I think my highlights of film were Kim Cattrall as the ex-Prime Minister’s assistant (I was surprised to see her, but it confirmed my suspicions that she’s more than just an innuendo-fuelled sex queen as portrayed in her role in Sex and the City), and the car chase. I won’t give more away, I think it’s for you to go and see!

The Showroom was also advertising a ‘film quiz’ this Tuesday 4th May. I don’t know nearly enough about films (I’m afraid to say) but any of you buffs out there should give it a go! Starts at 8.30pm in the Showroom bar.

Another interesting film coming out is Four Lions.  Set in Doncaster it follows a group of young British Muslims as they decide to become suicide bombers (and hilarity ensues…). Obviously a controversial subject which has already attracted criticism from the press and the Islamic establishment. Nevertheless I am intrigued, the trailer looked good, and the director is this man, which in my opinion means it is something not to be missed!

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  1. Dave Eyre permalink
    May 2, 2010 5:09 pm

    I agree with what Rosie has written here. And last year when people were trying to put pressure on a number of cinemas to show “Morris: A Life With Bells On” I telephoned the manager. Not only did I get to speak to him but they were in front of me and I was pushing at an open door. I was asked my opinion about their thoughts about the time when it would be best to show it. I thought this was excellent customer service.

  2. SheffLady permalink
    May 2, 2010 7:53 pm

    I went to see The Ghost at the Showroom on Thursday and was thoroughly disappointed.Pierce and Ewan were awful and the ending was rushed and badly done.However I do agree with how good the Showroom is!

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