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April 26, 2010

Thanks for all your support so far – I’ve just spend some time updating the site with Links and What’s On pages (see above). If you want to add an event or website to these, please let me know by email at

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  1. Sohail permalink
    May 6, 2010 2:03 pm

    I have just collated some reviews on the net regarding Alyan Sweet Centre. Wanted to Share with all.

    1. They do all sorts – I don’t know anything about south Asian sweets, but they’ve got a huge display, and when I tried a few, they were very tasty! They also do a selection of savoury food

    2.Its called ALYAN. Ive been there myself and would recommend you go in person as you can pick the ones you want and have a taste! There are so many different ones your spoilt for choice.

    3.I’ve been in this place as well, fantastic sweets at very reasonable prices.
    Carrot cake barfi (sp?) is my favourite!!!!!
    If you like indian food, pay it a visit, your bound to find something you like.
    4.i love this place you must try the katlama yum yum..its like a savoury pastry kinda thing stuffed with minced lamb and spices beautiful
    5.Alyan sweet centre is just the best. I can’t believe how good the service is, the lads that work there are great and the sweets, samosa., chaat, to die for. We ordered a fresh birthday cake the kids loved it, they did 4 tier wedding for friend of mine. Talk of the wedding, I asked them it is prounounced al yaan. Take ur kids and try the pink tea yummy, they also have contributing to local events, they really are bringing all together, they did the snooker event for kids also bringing lord mayor, police, services and local kids from races and classes in the pic palace to talk. The ownerr told he could have opened up anywhere but wanted to give this netheredge and abbeydale a boost. He has bought other busineses in to this bit of abbeydale rd who wanted to open up in other places , this guy is proper lover of sheffield, they call him kiani.
    6.If you like sweets with all the C’s then checkout an asian sweet shop. Condensed milk. Cardomom, Cinnamon, Caramel, Coconut, Cream and not forgetting ginger.. ok so I cheated… they are still very bad but nice though
    7.try there biryani on thursday and chk pea curry and paratha on sunday really tasty. It is like my friends mum cooks it home. They have also increased the hot savouries section with meal deals. My little one had a falooda milk shake and the bradwell icd cream. She really liked it. They have also started slush. My favourite.

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