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Sharrow Lantern Carnival

April 20, 2010

Hi all, sorry for the delay on this.

I spent a magical evening at Sharrow Lantern Carnival the Sunday before last. The event is run by Creative Action Network who are a community arts programme in Sheffield running various projects.

It’s not that far from where I live and I’m always looking for an excuse to walk through the cemetery so some friends and I had a big curry, some fancy chocolates I’d bought from Cocoa that day, and walked up. We were a bit early so spent some time looking at the small paper bag lanterns that were dotted around the park. There was also a giant paper moth lantern on one of the larger graves.

Whilst waiting for the parade, some good friends of mine (including Rowan/and here/and here too) and I sang a few songs (it’s getting rarer these days that I can share music with the people I love to share it with the most) to entertain ourselves – so if you heard this song complete with harmonies sung by a group of atheists (we just like the songs), my apologies.

Anyway, the lanterns were incredible – the theme this year was music, and as such the lanterns were all in the shape of musical instruments, representing songs (such as a giant yellow submarine), or other music related things.

There were literally hundreds of participants, all obviously having spent a lot of time and effort on their lanterns. Hats off to them and to the organisers for a truly excellent event.

Here are a few photos although I must admit with the very low light it was a struggle to take many effective photos without tripods, but here are few from me and a friend.

Paper Lanterns - G Short 2010

G Short 2010

G Short 2010

The Owl and The Pussycat - G Short 2010

Lovesheffield 2010

Lovesheffield 2010

Cheers to Gemma for the first lot of photos.

Love, Sheffield x

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  1. Winnie permalink
    April 20, 2010 9:43 am

    Wow Rosie, I love that first shot of the lanterns, looks so magical. Despite the low light conditions for photos, these turned out really well!

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