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Rosie on Nether Edge Farmers Market

March 22, 2010

Ok, so the cool thing is that Komal and I bumped into to each other today at the Farmers Market, so we both wrote our own thoughts on it for here.

For my piece, said morris dancers are my mum’s border morris team, Boggart’s Breakfast. They dance a modern twist on traditional dances and wear blue, black, and silver. Their team are hugely popular now so if you’d like to give something new a try, dancing is a great way to keep fit – get in touch!

Val Boggart


I bumped into one of the speakers from the Northern Refugee Centre where I did some training yesterday, and he said that he honestly never knew that the British had traditional dance until today – he said that people from Cameroon and other countries would be shocked to see it. Its such a shame we’re so ashamed of these things for fear of nationalism. We must strive to keep them very much separate, and promote the cross-cultural integration that goes on within and between folk communities.

There were plenty of things going on at the market as Komal said – so  many food stalls it was overwhelming. Luckily, one of my friends had just one thing on her mind – fish. The charming staff at the fish stall were selling fresh catch as well as pates and fried fishcakes. Being a relatively apprehensive fish-eater still, I had some pate and that was enough, but everyone else was guzzling down the fishcakes!

Making Trout Burgers

As you can see the weather was glorious – a great day for sampling this sort of thing. It was very crowded though, and if the market continues to increase in popularity I can imagine they’ll be looking at scope to expand.

I bought a few things, including some of those mushrooms on the photo Komal posted (delicious), and some extra strong cheddar from a delightful woman was very humbled when I asked to take a photo of her for this blog, so here’s to you, bashful Lincolnshire cheese woman.

Rainbow Trout

In the words of my friend Heather, there were plenty of ‘ruddy faced middle class children’ about – and there were. It was a very Nether Edge affair (but who’s surprised?). I’d like to see this sort of event in some less wealthy parts of the city, but the goods purveyed inevitably cost a lot and have the ‘lifestyle organic’ thing going with them, so its hardly surprising that this area is where it thrives.

What a great smile!

I left this afternoon full of Ital Stew from Yabba, Moonshine ale, and with plenty of goodies in a carrier bag hooked precariously over the handlebars of my bike.

Sheffield folk have obviously got a lot to give, and it’s always nice to feel a bit of community spirit. Wherever you live, get down to a community event like this and have a good, free day out!


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  1. March 24, 2010 1:17 pm

    Trout burgers??!! Nivver eard the like befooir. I didn’t realise Nether Edge was considered up-market these days. Sounds like it was a reight grand do.

  2. March 24, 2010 11:27 pm

    The person with the big camera and ladders was my first time and I loved and agree more working class locations could only be good, but what a vibe and good food plus free tea for me from Emma at The Old Sweet Shop all good.

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