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Na Zdrove

March 21, 2010

Na Zdrove DJs

What a busy weekend! I spent a few days trying out all sorts of new things around this weekend and one of which was the Balkan Beats/Gypsy Punk night at Penelope’s, called Na Zdrove. This monthly club night features a mixture of live acts, a house band, and DJs, playing some fabulously danceable, upbeat music. If you’ve never been to this sort of night before, expect brass, ska, strings and lots of jumping around! I was pleasantly surprised to see a real mix of people there – everything from moshers,  hippies, students, glamour girls and everything in between, ranging from about sixteen (questionable under-age people?) to sixty, and all having a great no-hassle time. We arrived around midnight after being at the Record Hop at the Washington (my favourite night there) and the headline band, Gypsy Hill, were playing – with a full brass set, samples, guitars and the Pièce de résistance – a turntablist with a gramophone head on his decks. If only I hadn’t noticed that his scratching was actually hooked up via DI and the ‘phone was just for show…still cool though.

Penelope’s, if you don’t know, is tucked inside the Odeon on Arundel Gate – yes, really. Unnassuming as the entrance is in the daytime, if there’s something going on there after dark you can’t miss it really – a big ‘Penelope’s’ sign and plenty of smokers hanging around outside.

All in all, a great night and I will definitely return. I bumped into plenty of people I knew that I wouldn’t have expected to be there, but vice versa, they said the same to me. I guess you never know with something like that. The last time I went to a gypsy jazz/punk night was in l’Usine in Geneva, Switzerland, and it really took me back to that night – just a lot of chilled out people having a good time. So if you fancy a night out with no aggro, no posing, and plenty of dancing and meeting new people, check out Na Zdrove – you’ll thank me for it!

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